Why is the Follow disabled?

Why is the Follow disabled?

We temporarily disabled the Follow in the PosherVA extension to protect your posh account. Our research shows Poshmark has issues on the website on follow feature.

After you click follow button 400-500 times, Poshmark shows you the first Captcha popup, and that's okay. They always had this protection to reduce the load on their system.

But since July 29, you can't go forward after the first Captcha popup. Once you solve the captcha, they show you that again and again, and you can't make any new follow on the website.

We will return that in a couple of days once Poshmark fixes the website bug or we will find how to hack this limitation.

The next confirmation is that this is a problem on the Poshmark website - you still can make follow via the Poshmark mobile app without limitations.

The video demonstration:

We did the test with several posh accounts. They have never been used in automation. We did all actions manually and got the Captcha infinite loop too.

Discussion on the Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/poshmark/comments/ouvf2k/follow_back_bug_cant_seem_to_follow_back_any_of/​

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