Activity Returner

The Activity Returner returns Shares and Follows from other users. For each share from a user, the module will share a number of items from that user’s closet. As usual, it will skip sold items and Meet the Posher listings.

At the moment, we have two versions of Activity Returner.

  • Auto Activity Returner - new version.

  • (OLD)Activity Returner

What is the difference between them?

(NEW) Auto Activity Returner

The Auto Activity Returner works ongoing and automatically returns new activities. Once you start the process, the tool automatically scans the /share and /follow feeds every 20 minutes, with some randomization to look natural, and returns the newly received activity.

page(NEW) Auto Activity Returner

(OLD)Activity Returner

The (OLD)Activity Returner (old version) - you need to start it every time you want to return activities for the past. You can choose the date-time range when activities were received and return it.

For example, to return shares received for the past 24 hours, you must select the past 24 hours date-time range and start the process. Once the tool loads these activities and returns them, the process stops. And the next time you want to return shares and follow, you need to start the process again.

page(OLD) Activity Returner

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