Share Limits

How Many Shares Should I Do?

We don't recommend sharing more than 6000 - 8000 daily.

Why can not I share unlimited, and what happens if I do?

The Poshmark has a non-official share limit on how many shares you can do per day or last 24 hours.

No one exactly knows that number (except Poshmark employees) also depends on several factors:

  • how old your closet

  • how many listings do you have

  • speed of sharing

  • etc...

We assume, and see it in practice, that it is about 6000-8000 shares daily. Again, it can be less if you have a small closet (rough up to 200 listings) or a bit larger if you are an experienced seller with Ambassador status and have been selling on the Poshmark for years.

In the PosherVA, we default set the Daily share limit to 6000. You can edit this value in the OPTIONS tab in the extension.

When you share more than the recommended limit several days a row, you can get a Poshmark share jail.

A little about Poshmark Share Jail

Poshmark "share jail" helps prevent the platform from becoming overloaded. If everyone was able to share an unlimited amount of items on the platform, it would require a lot of money to maintain the platform. To prevent this, Poshmark restricts users who share a lot more items than what is considered reasonable in a single day. This helps keep the platform running smoothly for everyone.

When you share more than the recommended limit several days a row, you can get a Poshmark share jail.

When you have share jail, you temporarily can't share listings. You still can press the share button on the item, but the share event doesn't happen, your items didn't update, and you won't see the message about success sharing.

While your closet could be in share jail, you can still do all other operations on the Poshmark, such as listing, following, and making offers.

How long can the share restriction or share jail last?

We noticed based on closets that work with the PosherVA (who share a lot), usually in a few hours (2-4). However, it depends on how often you have this restriction.

How do I get out of it? Is it risky for my account?

Don't worry at all. You need to make pause sharing for a few hours, and you should be able to share again.

It's only morning, and I've only shared 1000 times (items), but I'm already on share jail. What is wrong?

Poshmark has a specific cumulative effect here. It depends on how much you shared in previous days. When you share too much or close to the limit on a few days in a row, you could have a shared jail the next day even if you didn't share too many. Don't scary. Just wait a bit, and you will be able to share again.

How Many Follows Should I Do?

The limit for follows is also the same. Roughly 6000 follows in a day.

The same limit to Unfollow.


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