Share NOT FOR SALE listimgs

If you have NOT FOR SALE listings and you what to share them and keep the order of closet.
There are two options for this. 1) Most customers do that, and this works well. Make Not for sale to sale with a very high price, and PosherVA will share that correctly, in order.
2) Enable options Share NOT FOR SALE, you can do that in the OPTIONS tab.
But you need to remove old, not actual listings with Not for Sale, which could be mixed inside sold listing. Because PosherVA will share them too. This solution works well, but not always perfectly. We are trying to find a better solution.
When you share your own closet is better to keep Number Of Items To Share - 0, because PosherVA could skip some items.
If PosherVA mix your items, you can rearrange that with Closet Organizer
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