Send Bulk offers

PosherVA allows sending a bulk offers.

What it is?

As you may know, the Poshmark allows seller send offer to likes (OTL method), but if you have a dozen or hundreds of active items it could spend a lot of you time to do it. With PosherVA you can do it only with just one click.

The app scans your items and selects those that have at least one Liker, and send your offer discount.


  1. Open the popup PosherVA window (how to open).

  2. Navigate to ACTIONS tab.

  3. Enter Your Offer percent.

  4. Select a Shipping Discount.

  5. Select Subset of items

    - All - scan all your items and send offer to items with - Subset from page - a scan items from your current page, it could be a filtered items for special brand.

  6. Click the Start button.

After the start, it could take some time to load and analyze items, so don't worry.

❓If you have any other questions, contact us (click on link or copy email!