Share to Party

Shares items an active party.

When you start Share to Party PosherVA automatically detects what the party is going on.

The Share To Party works only when there is a party going on., the PosherVA automatically detects active party and party guidelines. You can check what is a party going on on the page

PosherVA automatically applies a party guidelines and rules to your closet items and share only the relevant items. For example: for the party Best in Bags Posh Party PosherVA will share items only from Bags category from your closet. That's similarly working for other guidelines criteria, like Brands, Categories, etc.


  1. Open the popup PosherVA window (how to open).

  2. Select Type of Sharing: To party.

  3. Select Source of items: My closet.

  4. Select appropriate options (detailed description)

  5. Click the Start button.


If no parties are happening, it will note on Activity Log "Not found an active party". Otherwise, it will note how many of your items appeared to party guidelines and start the sharing process.

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