Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you’ll find answers to common questions about PosherVA. If you’re sure your question isn’t answered here, please email us or reach us in chat.

Most common usage questions

Some of the questions would come to you after you start using the service. Feel free to back here or ask us.

Does my computer have to be on and not in sleep mode in order to do tasks?

Yes, since the extension works on the computer. When the computer is going to sleep, that stops all programs, including the PosherVA extension.

It would be best if you disabled sleep mode and don't close the laptop, but you can turn off the display. We can send you an example of the configuration. Contact us for help.

Check out examples of settings for Mac and Windows.

We are working on the next version of the service that will work independently from the computer, and you will be free of this limitation.

Does Chrome need to be launched in order to do tasks?

Yes, but you can switch to other programs or websites, even minimize the browser.

Does the Poshmark closet need to be displayed?

No, the extension works in the browser background mode. You don't need to open the Poshmark to start sharing and keeping the tab open while sharing is running.

How to start to share my closet?

There a two way to start sharing:

  1. Start sharing now - open the extension and click Start - more details

  2. Start sharing later by time once or every day - add Share Schedule more details

How to share continually my available item every day?

To start sharing automatically every day add Share Schedule. Here a detailed instruction on how to set up

What is the Number of items to share (0 - share all) and what should I put here?

When you share your own closet or create a schedule is always good to keep 0 - share all. The PosherVA will share all available listings. That useful when you want to share someone's closet and just the first 10 listings, and you enter 10.

I click Start, that started, but after some time the status is idle and keep that. Why did that stop?

When you start sharing it share a closet once, from start to end once. To share closet few times in loop enable Continuous sharing.

When my closet goes thru the share and it says sleeping until next round? It takes a few moments to start the sharing again, is that normal?

Yes, that delay between Continuous share loops. You can edit this delay on the OPTIONS tab.

Can I add more than one Schedule?

Yes, you can create multiple Schedules with different times and different share options. Click the Schedule button again and choose a new time. Every Schedule remembers the share options that were chosen before you click schedule. So you can add different schedules, like share to followers, and the next one share to party. More details about Schedule

Can I use the extension on multiple computers for the same closet with one account? In home and work computer?

Yes. You need to install the extension and log in with your PosherVA account. Don't create a separate account on the second computer for the same closet.

I have set up Schedules on my home computer, but don't see them on the work computer?

The Schedules, Follow, and Offer Watcher doesn't sync between computers. The extension sync only the stats and limits, to calculate the usage correctly.

How to edit share options in the existing Schedule?

There's not this option right now, we will add that later. Remove the old Schedule and add a new one.

What is Share daily limit? I thought that unlimited while Free Trial and in Paid.

The limit to keep the closet safe under the posh radar, and prevent you from posh jail. You can edit the limit on the OPTIONS tab. We don't recommend sharing more than 8K daily.

Can I have it to share to followers and posh party at the same time?

Yes, check if you have enabled the option Share eligible listings to party on the share options. Read more about how does that works.

How do I send automatically offers when someone likes my listings?

You need to use Offer Watcher. Follow the instruction OfferWatcher

I noticed when someone likes an item, the auto offer sends the offer to ALL likers. Is that right?

Yes, that how Poshmark OTL works, you send offers to items, not individually for likers. But actually, the offer won't send to the previous likers who already had an offer with that discount. The offer must be at least 10% below the lowest offer a potential buyer has received for the same listing in the last 90 days. If it is the first offer a potential buyer receives, the offer must be at least 10% below the current listing price.

How does Offer Watcher work when I turn my computer off for the night?

After you resume the computer, the PosherVA will send offers to the items that people had liked while the computer was in sleep mode or shutdown.

How to send offers only for old items? i.e. items that have been for sale for longer?

Yes, you can set the listings age filter when sending Bulk Offers. For example: Exclude items listed in the last 90 days

Does it automatically follow a person if they like an item in my closet?

No, but we plan to add this in the following updates.

I changed my user name on Poshmark, and PosherVA can't share my items. How to update that?

You need to log out from the Poshmark on the browser and then login back.

How to check the extension version?

Follow the instruction - details

I forgot my password and can't login, can you help?

You can log in only by email. Or reset the password on the page


What’s the difference between the free and paid version of PosherVA?

See the pricing section for more information about the differences between the free and paid versions of PosherVA.

How Do I Upgrade to a paid version?

To upgrade your account to the paid version, login into a dashboard, and navigate to the Account tab, follow instructions on the page.

Do you offer a long-billing subscription for six months or annually?

No, since February 2022, only a monthly subscription has been available.

What is the refund policy?

  • We don't offer refunds for monthly plans after 7 days following the payment.

  • We don't offer refunds for Quarterly, 6 Months, and Year/Annual plans if you stopped selling on Poshmark and don't need our service. You took the discount on these plans and accept this risk. These plans have no longer been available since February 2022.

If due to technical difficulties or platform incompatibilities, the software will not function, we may issue a refund. In order for us to issue a refund, you must contact support and describe your issue. And if we are unable to fix the issue, we will refund the unused days/month of the current billing interval.

To request a refund, contact us If you get a refund, you will lose access to the paid features of your subscription unlocked.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, the features your subscription unlocked will be unavailable to you after the time you’ve already paid for has expired.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription contact us by email or do it by yourself in the user account area in the dashboard.


Can I run PosherVA on a mobile device?

Sorry, but there is currently no mobile functionality, only on the desktop Chrome browser. We are working on mobile version, subscript to our newsletter to get notified about releases

Is it safe to use automation?

Yes, if you follow the tips that we outline (see details in documentation).

What is sharing and following limit?

That's the recommended max number of actions per day to prevent the soft ban you closet. If you share too much, Poshmark might Soft Ban you and pause sharing for 24 hours. How much is too much sharing? We’ve found that if you share 5000-6000 times per day you are generally safe, although your mileage may vary.

Can I use It on Safari browser?

Right now, PosherVA is only available for Google Chrome. You can install the Chrome browser as a second one as well, and keep it for PosherVA.

Do you support Canada Poshmark?

Currently, the only US, we will add Canada soon.


I'm getting SuspectedBotError error after every listing and have a high number of Captcha in stats?

It's a temporary issue, and we almost have a solution for that. To fix it right now do the next steps:

  1. remove the extension Open the page and click Remove from Chrome

  2. restart the computer

  3. add the extension back. Open the page and click Add To Chrome

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