Continuous sharing mode

Continuous sharing mode will share the selected items over and over again. It works with all type of sharing:

  • To Followers

  • To Party

  • ENL

How to use:

When you are starting sharing process, enable Continuous sharing option, and enter the Continuous Loop Limit - how many times you want continuous mode to loop before stopping.

For example, if you wanted to share your entire closet 3 times, you would put 3 into the Continuous Loop Limit box. Then, when sharing on Continuous Mode, the app will stop after sharing your closet 3 times.

You can also specify an amount of time to pause between sharing loop interaction. In the OPTIONS tab there’s a Continuous Delay field with two text inputs. Those text inputs are where you’ll put the minimum time and maximum time (in minutes) for the continuous delay. The continuous delay will randomly select a time between those two numbers when sharing an item to make it seem more natural.

For example, you could put in 5 for the minimum, and 15 for the maximum. Then the tool would pause at the end of sharing for a random number of minutes between 5 and 15 minutes.

Could it overshsare my closet?

Sharing is running until it reaches a limit of iteration OR the general share daily limit. In case when the share limit reached earlier, the sharing stop, to prevent oversharing and keep your account safe. So keep a daily sharing limit actual.


Activity Log displayed progress about sharing progress. The displayed line text looks like.

Shared (2/1/3) - chevron print dress


  • 2 - number of Continuous Loop iteration

  • 1 - number of sherd items in current iteration

  • 3 - total number of items for sharing

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