Share Items from New Poshers' closets

To earn the Poshmark Ambassador status, you need to share at least 50 new Poshers' listings to help welcome them to the community. We added the ability to do it in 5 minutes.

The tool will share 1 listing from New Posher's closet.

When you enter 75 Number of items to share, that means the tool will share 1 item from 75 different New Posher closets.

Why does the tool share "Meet Your Posher" listing?

The main goal of this feature was to help sellers reach Poshmark ambassador status. And one of the criteria to be met to become a Posh Ambassador is New Poshers Shares (Discover and share items from at least 50 new closets).

And since a large part of the New Poshers closets contains only one listing, "Meet Your Posher" the tool will share these listings despite you having selected share only available items, and shares on these listings will count towards the Posh Ambassador criteria.

We will look for a way to add an option to share only items for sale.

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