Schedule Sharing

Set Schedule Sharing automatically by time and take free time for yourself.

Schedule Sharing Automatically allows you to start the sharing process for any time within the next 24 hours, or every day at a specific time.

It's a pretty simple but powerful feature. You can choose any sharing options on the SHARE tab and instead of start share immediately, as you usually did it, set a time within the next 24 hours when to start it. Also, you can create the schedule sharing what will start every day at the same time.

Schedule details

After a schedule/alert added you can check details, by click on the schedule name.


Can I schedule Share to Party? Yes, there are no limits on a type of sharing or other options. You can choose any sharing options available on the SHARE tab.

How many schedule actions can I add?

Up to 20 actions with different start times.

What happened if schedule sharing will start while sharing running started by me?

Nothing, the schedule sharing won't start, it will disappear.

Does it disappear if I close a browser or shutdown a computer?

No. It's safe to do it. Added schedulers are persistent.

Does it work with the close browser or on the computer turned off?

No. You have to keep your computer On with an open browser. You can minimize a browser or switch to any other program.

Rules and suggestions:

  1. Don't forget to set the right Daily sharing limit, to avoid oversharing and share jail.

  2. Keep your computer plugged when you leave it for a long time.

  3. Disable Sleep mode on your computer. Schedule sharing won't start if computer sleep.

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