Follow Users

This feature can follow users from any user’s followers or following pages (e.g., including your own if you would like to follow back all of your followers, or cut back on the number you are following.


  1. Navigate to the closet page where you would like to follow users.

  2. When you get to the closet, click on the PosherVA Context menu icon

  3. Choose one of the option, follow users from Followers or from Following, or from both places. After that, follow task will add to the Follow queue, and running in background.

  4. To check the added task status navigate to FOLLOW tab on PosherVA popup window.


What is Follow queue 🤔?

That's a persistent list of Follow task, what PosherVA store in browser special memory, to remember the follow task that you added and running it one by one. It's important to running follow tasks consistently to look more natural, like a human doing it.

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