Let's review the sharing features, we offer a wide range of options for the sharing task.

Type of sharing

  • ➡️To followers: Share every item on the page to your followers.

  • ➡️To posh party: Share every item on the page to a Poshmark active party.

  • ➡️ENL: Edit → Next → List method. Edit and Share all of your items.

Source of items

Specify a page with the items you intend to share, this could be your closet, someone else’s closet, the main feed, or a party.

  • My closet: PosherVA will automatically identify your closet page and pull items from there to share (use default items order: Just Shared). You don't have to be on My Closet page, PosherVA knows your closet page.

  • From current page: share items from a current open Poshmark page, this could be your closet, someone else’s closet, the main feed, a party page, category page, or brand page.

Sharing speed

The delay between sharing item action in seconds.

The PosherVA will it share items with random seconds based on the selected value, so it mimics human sharing. For example: if you select slow speed, items will share in random value between 4-7 seconds.

Custom sharing speed

The Minimum and Maximum time (in seconds) for the custom sharing speed.

The sharing process with custom speed will randomly select a time between those two numbers in seconds for the delay between sharing action to make it seem more natural.

‌For example, when you set 5 for the minimum, and 10 for the maximum. Then the PosherVA would share randomly between 5 and 10 seconds.

Sharing options

The detailed tuning of sharing process options:

  • Number of items to share: share a certain number of items or all closet items.

    • when you make community sharing (from feed, someone else’s closet) default max number is 500.

  • Share only available items: enabled by default.

  • Reverse sharing order: share your closet in reverse order, from the bottom to top.

  • Randomize: randomize your sharing order per page. Otherwise, items will be shared in the order they appear.

  • Continuous sharing: continuous mode will share the items over and over again.

  • Continuous Loop Limit: specify how many times you want continuous mode to loop before stopping. For example, if you wanted to share your entire closet 3 times, you would put 3 into the Continuous Loop Limit.

Activity Log:

Show your running activity during the sharing process.

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