What is Subset from page?

You could see the option Source of items: From current page or Subset of items: Subset from page guessing what that means?

When you share items with options Source of items: Source of items

That doesn't require opening the Poshmark closet page, PosherVA will do everything in the background from you.

The same for Bulk Offers or Bulk price update when you choosing - Subset of items: Subset from page

BUT, what to do when you want to drop the price or send offers for only one certain Category or brand?

We have the solution for you, and that is where we use Subset from page.

You can open a posh closet page, and use any filters: Category, Brand, Price, etc.

Follow the steps:

1) open closet page 2) set a category, or brand, or price, etc 3) and on the PosherVA set option “subset from page” in the Bulk Offer section or Bulk price update.

❓If you have any other questions, contact us (click on lthe ink or copy email help@posherva.com)!

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