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Shares each item on the page to your followers

It's supported on the next page types:

Steps to use PosherVA to share items on Poshmark:

  1. Open the PosherVA window. This can be done by clicking on the PosherVA icon in your browser's toolbar. (how to open).

  2. In the PosherVA window, select the type of sharing you want to do. In this case, select "Type of Sharing: To Followers".

  3. Set the Source of the items you want to share. You can choose to share items from your own closet (My Closet) or use Poshmark's category or brand filters to select specific items (Current page - if you want to use Poshmark category or brand filter - read more)

  4. Set the Speed of the sharing, it's a delay between share events. In most cases, "Slow" or "Medium" is sufficient.

  5. Set the Number of items you want to share. If you want to share all available items, leave this field set to 0.

  6. Enable the option to Share eligible listings to a party. This will share your items to the specified party in addition to your followers. Read more details below about how that works.

  7. Click the "Start" button to begin sharing, or use the "Schedule" option to schedule sharing for a later time. More details about Schedule.

Share eligible listings to party

When sharing items To Followers, PosherVA will prioritize sharing to the current party if the item follows the party guidelines.

For example, if you are sharing your closet during a jeans party, and have the "Share eligible listings to party" option enabled, your jeans will be shared to the party instead of just your followers. However, the sharing will continue in the same order as if you were only sharing to your followers. This allows you to share items to both your followers and the current party without disrupting the order of your sharing.

Set Schedule Sharing automatically by time

pageSchedule Sharing

Video demo of how to start share.

After you start sharing, you can view the progress of the sharing in the Activity Log. Before sharing each item, PosherVA will load the full closet or a certain number of items (if you specified this in the settings). Successfully shared items will be logged in the Activity Log, and any items that were unable to be shared will also be noted in the log. All of this happens in the background without interrupting your other activities.

What would happen if reCaptcha pops up?

You won't noticed that, PosherVA resolve it automatically and continue sharing. More details how it works.

Help, I want to keep my closet in a certain order!

Switch to On the Reverse sharing order option, thats enable a new share order your items, from the bottom.

Useful Notes

If you want to share all items from your closet, just set Source of items: My Closet, PosherVA knows your closet page and automatically will load the page and start sharing, you be able to start this process from any of the browser pages, don't have to be on the Poshmark page.

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