Schedule to share other people's closet

The Poshmark induces sellers to spend time sharing other people's closets to make a Community sharing.

You can schedule sharing for other people's closets ongoing.


  1. Open the page of the closet from which you want to share items, for example. Someone else closet page

  2. Open the PosherVA popup window.

  3. Select Type of Sharing: To Followers.

  4. Select Source of items: From current page.

  5. Choose Sharing speed. Medium or slow is always a good choice.

  6. Enter the Number of items to share. It's essential to enter the number of items to share. Otherwise, the tool will share someone's entire closet.

  7. Press Schedule

  8. Choose time and press Schedule

You can see added Schedule son the top of SHARE tab.

To see the Schedule details (source of items or speed), press on the Schedule name.

You can also schedule sharing from poshmark feed, and it will do Community sharing every day for new items. In step first step open the feed page instead of someone's closet page

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