How to Force an Update of Chrome Extensions

When we push an update to the PosherVA Chrome extension, it'll take your Google Chrome a variable amount of time to actually execute that update. To force that update to happen right now, please do the following:

The latest version of PosherVA chrome extension: 1.4.59

How to check your current extension version:

The larger the last number, the more the latest version you have. For instance, 1.4.48 newest than 1.4.45

Force extension update.

There's two option to force the extension update:

  • option A) Uninstall the extension and then install it back. Open the link and click Remove from Chrome !!!!! After Uninstall you need to add new schedules because they disappear.

  • BETTER/ Preferred method: Follow the below instruction:

    1. Go to your Chrome settings (3 dots in the upper right of Google Chrome)

    2. Select "More Tools"

    3. Select "Extensions"

    4. Turn on developer mode

    5. Select "UPDATE" several times (5 times).

    6. (Optional) Turn off developer mode.

Please don't do it with running Sharing, Price Drop, or Bulk Offer to liker. The update could stop active tasks.

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