The PosherVA Relist/Delist feature copy item and then delete the old listing. If the relisting item is older than 60 days, the new listing will be placed under the "Just In" category.


If you use Vendoo or List-perfectly to manage inventory and crosslist. After using the PosherVA delist/relist feature, your listing in crosslist-app inventory will NO longer be connected to the "SAME" Poshmark listing. That means when you mark an item as sold in the croslist-app, it will not be able to delist an item from Poshmark because the item link is changed.

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The current limitation of the Relist/Delist:

  1. We are using the Poshmark Copy listing feature to create a new listing from exiting. If the relisting item is older than 60 days, the new item will be placed under the "Just In" category.

  2. Can't relist items with active offers.

  3. Can't relist item with Multi-size or Variables items

We are working on an update to solve this limitation.

Relist/Delist limits

As we know, the roughly daily relist/list limit is up to 200 listings. We don't recommend relisting more than 100-150. Also, the approximate hourly relist/list limit is up to 40-50. The tool automatically pauses and restores the process after 40 items to keep you safe.

How to use Relist/Delist feature

  1. Open the ACTIONS tab in the PosherVA extension and click on the Relist/Delist

2. Enter the item's age to relist the item older than X days.

3. Enter the number of items you intend to relist within the session.

4. Turn on Raise price if you want to increase the price when relisting. 4.1. Choice raise mode: -- on %: increase every relisted items price by 10% or more -- on flat amount: increase relisted items' price on a fixed amount.

  1. 7. Click Start - to launch the relist right now or Schedule to add parameters to launch relist automatically by the time later.

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