Bulk price update

What it is?

The Bulk price update feature allows update price UP or DOWN for all listings or part listing from the closet.

Before you start, one moment, please 🙌

Be careful with this feature. It edits your public (current) listing price. Make sure you understand how that works, contact us with any questions.

With Bulk price update/edit can be decreased or increased listing prices.

Did you know that listing has two prices?

  • Current listing prices (public) - that price that everyone sees publicly on the listing price.

  • Lowest historical price - lowest price that your listing was ever at. So if you currently have an item for $25, but it was priced at $18 several months ago, the lowest historical still be $18.

You can drop both these prices with PosherVA. Drop Lowest historical price on CCO day to make sales. And drop Current listing prices to move the old inventory. Good article what is CCO and lowest https://poshpowerseller.com/poshmark-closet-clear-out

Every listing price update also counts as a shearing action because after update a listing price, it automatically shared by Poshmark.

How to use it?

  1. Open the popup PosherVA window

  2. Go to your closet to the ACTIONS tab

  3. Click on Bulk price updating to open options.

  4. Choose Mode

    • Drop price - to decrease the price by percentage

    • Increase price - to increase a price by percentage

  5. Enter the percentage that you’d like to modify your current/lowest historical listing prices.

  6. Enter Min num of likers - a minimum number of likers in listings. When you drop prices on Closet Clearout day the likers receive notification about price changes.

  7. Choose a subset of items:

    • All - update price for all available items in the closet.

    • Subset from page - use posh closet's filters to select a specific category or brand from the closet - More details on how to use.

  8. Enter Minimum and Maximum price do update prices for specific prices range. For example: To update the price for items with a price of more than $25, set 25 for Min and 0 for Max. Min and Max values included in the range.

  9. Enter values for Min and Max items age in days. For example: To drop the price for items listed more than 90 days ago, set 90 for Min and 0 for Max.

  10. Reverse order - choice listings load order, default - from top to bottom. Every item after price update is sharing automatically, choose the preferred order.

  11. Click Start OR Preview.

What is Preview

The Preview option allows seeing of the update results without applying it to listings. After click Preview in the Activity log, you will see all details about listings update price, with a price before the update and after, but these changes don't applied to a listing. It just shows the possible changes.

What is the lowest historical price?

Poshmark remembers your listing's lowest price and while Close Clear session shipping discount applies only when the price drop is 10% from the lowest historical price.

To find out the listing lowest price, open Edit Listing -> Tap on the Price Drop Tool icon to the right of Listing Price. And you will see Suggested Price, that's the lowest price minus 10%.

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