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Sharing options

  • Daily sharing limit: a maximum number of shares that PosherVA does in a calendar day. If you share too much, Poshmark might Soft Ban you or put you in Share Jail. How much is too much sharing? We’ve found that if you share 4000-5000 times per day you are generally safe, although your mileage may vary.

  • Continuous delay: this settings related to Continues Sharing mode. Continuous delay lets you randomize your sharing by adding a delay after sharing your closet on continuous mode.

    That random number will be how long it pauses (in minutes) before sharing your closet again.

  • Share NOT FOR SALE: enable or disable to share not for sale listings.

  • Reverse sharing as a default: enable or disable share your closet listing from the Bottom to Top. This option switch to On the sharing option Reverse sharing order .

Follow options

  • Daily follow limit: a maximum number of follow that PosherVA does in a calendar day.

  • Only active users: follow only account who recently visited Poshmark.

Recently visited: users who recently visited Poshmark. You can find this information under the About page in someone's closet, Last Active field. PosherVA automatically check this data.

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